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2016 Missouri Gubernatorial Candidate | Lester Turilli Jr

About - Lester Turilli Jr - Independent Candidate for Missouri Governor 2016

There is a fresh face with a new vision entering the 2016 gubernatorial race in Missouri. His name is Lester Turilli, Jr., and he is an Independent candidate. If you are looking for an authentic leader with a solid moral compass to lead this state, then consider casting your vote for Lester.

Turilli, 45, may be the only gubernatorial candidate who has surrounded himself with a prayer team which prays daily for revival in the state. His genuine love for the people of Missouri is second only to his love for God. He approaches the gubernatorial race with a commitment to positive campaigning, integrity, and social justice.

Lester grew up in Creve Coeur, Missouri. After graduating from Parkway North High School, he attended Baylor University, graduating with a BBA in Management and Entrepreneurship.

Currently, Turilli is an executive in his family business, Meramec Caverns and Caveman Zipline. His comprehensive understanding of business, public relations, marketing, the environment, and leadership in crisis situations have served him well as an executive and will do the same for his role in serving the people of Missouri. More than his business acumen, however, Turilli credits his relationship with God for motivating and enabling him to seek a political position. “Two years ago,” he says, “I fully surrendered my schedule, fears, career, and personal will to God.”

Following surrender, Lester began a process of seeking God’s heart on life issues facing people today. Through additional prayer and biblical studies, a dramatic change began to occur in him. Lester’s heart, character, mindsets, and integrity were being transformed. Where there was once rigidity, there became flexibility. Fear turned in to hope. Selfishness was replaced with servanthood. He was willing to follow Jesus wherever He led. This complete commitment to serving God led Turilli to believe that he and his family would end up serving on a foreign mission field; however, he received a different call.

The call to public service has sounded for Turilli, and he is willing to answer as a 2016 gubernatorial candidate. Lester sees his lack of experience in holding public office as a benefit, not a drawback, and is willing to sacrifice personal comforts and ambitions to serve the people of Missouri. “My heart is on fire for the Lord Jesus, I love people,” he says, “and I care deeply about this country.”

Lester's affable personality makes it easy for people to connect with him. He is driven to run a campaign that will help the people of Missouri to encounter Jesus in a real and personal way. Turilli is deeply passionate about the Bible and uses Scripture to guide his views and political platform. “Although people may disagree with my foundation, they can respect me in knowing that my beliefs, character, and strength are solid and not wavering, and not built on shifting sand.”

Turilli's conservative views on many fiscal and policy issues, combined with his liberal love for people and his desire to help them in practical ways, has led him to run as an Independent candidate. He hopes to avoid party lines and be able “to reach out to all people on both sides of the political spectrum.”

As a leader, he also wants to encourage people, strengthen the family structure, and solve problems creatively. Turilli will be a voice for those who are often left out of left-right debates such as the homeless, orphans, widows, disabled, trafficked, and foster children.

Lester's authenticity and positive vision are a refreshing breeze in the often stagnant, smelly waters of politics. He refuses to operate in negative ads or derogatory comments about his opponents, but rather runs a campaign focused on bringing a message of faith, hope and love to Missourians.

Lester Turilli, Jr. currently lives in Stanton, Missouri with his wife and three children. He coaches Little League baseball and soccer, has served as a community crisis-relief team member, and has filled various roles in his local church such as a Sunday school teacher, Recreation Director and Board member. His hobbies include hunting, fishing, watching baseball, riding his Harley Davidson, restoring cars, spending time with his family and friends, and ultimately sharing the love of Jesus to anyone and everyone he meets.